Monday, 13 February 2012

10 Signs You Are Already a Bro

A bundle of bros in their natural habitat

Due to the great success of my previous post on hipsterdom on reddit, I have decided to dive back into the world of cultural stereotypes. This time the target of my disdain is brodom: a peculiar form of white male young adulthood seemingly omnipresent across our cultural landscape.  Yet brodom, because of its existence as a large and hegemonic cultural phenomenon, possesses more minute differences on the level of taste and style across regions. However, the most common strand is an uncritical acceptance of the norms of white masculinity (although superficial embracing of black masculinity and ghetto culture in general are also observable).

            The most striking contrast between hipsters and bros is that hipsterdom requires a certain level of self-reflection to ironically play off of cultural symbols and meanings, and thus is produced by a highly conscious choice; few bros, on the other hand, have ever made a conscious decision to become bros:  it is simply a cultural norm of which they have always been a part and have never seen any particular reason to deviate from. I am not sure if bros are really aware of their own cultural world: many likely see themselves as just “chill dudes who like to party.” Even when bros travel abroad, they usually do so with other bros in large bro bubbles to ensure that nothing disturbs their neatly packaged cultural universe.  So if you have suspicions of being a bro, refer to the list below to find if you are a cultural stereotype.

1.      You consider yourself a beer connoisseur because you sometimes drink Stella 

2.      When a car passes blasting electronic music, you unconsciously begin fist-pumping

3.      You spend time with your gym buddy critiquing the other’s muscles while coming up with a plan to “get big” for beach season

4.      Your Dave Matthews Live in Central Park album has not left your car’s CD player in five years 

5.      You wear a backwards cap and Ray bans in the pool

6.      You find hockey lingo such as “duster” and “chirp” regularly seeping into your vocabulary 

7.      By the end of a party, you usually find yourself without a shirt on

8.      You like the blackberry commercial about the “music innovator”
9.      You have worn a Speedo as a Halloween costume
10.  Even when sober, you still like house music

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