Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Benefits of All-Boys School

Learning to fist-pump at a young age

My fellow alumni: are you tired of people saying all-boys school must have sucked? Want to be able to stand up for yourself and say more than: “No, you suck.” Well next time, you can back up your angry response with this list of reasons why it was actually great. Afterwards, I’m sure they will be left wishing they had spent 10 years there as well. 

1.      Deodorant is optional

2.      Nobody screams if while changing in the hallways your penis slips out of your boxer shorts

3.      At middle school dances, physical contact while slow dancing is the best  (yes, girls are allowed)

4.      The lunch ladies look a lot hotter than they probably should

5.      You get to dress up as a woman for school plays

6.      There are few repercussions if you openly fart in class

7.      In class, it looks like you are paying attention while ogling your female English teacher (there are usually a few lookers in the bunch)

8.      Nobody worries about the ratio because every night is bros night 

9.      The best part of the day is when the moms arrive

10.  You can use it as an excuse if you make a sexist comment in university

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