Thursday, 29 March 2012

10 Signs Your Passive-Aggressive Roommate Is Angry

Note the use of colour to emphasize different moods
           It can be difficult to identify a passive-aggressive roommate. They are often in good spirits, but during certain moments their mild mannered facade gives way to subtle hostility. It is hard to say why they act this way: some wish to avoid the ensuing days and weeks of awkwardness that a confrontation can entail; others simply prefer to let out their anger in small, calculated bursts. Yet whatever the motivation, it can lead to a breakdown in the roommate system, with its accompanying messes, smells, and sinks rendered unusable. So here are 10 telltale signs to show that everything is not "fine", before it is too late.

1.      They get angry while playing video games against you

2.      Things you left lying around the apartment have been gathered in a neat pile outside your door

3.      You find notes sprinkled with underlines, all-caps, and exclamation points

4.      They thank you for things you haven’t done yet

5.      Furniture starts disappearing from the living room

6.      You find the food segregated and a line drawn down the middle of the fridge 

7.      They start learning the saxophone

8.      They have autographed their toothpaste, shampoo, and toilet rolls

9.      A pile of dirty dishes has been assembled on your desk.

10.  You are no longer their friend on facebook

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